Happy Halloween!

It’s been about about three weeks since I began to explore the wide, wacky, and wonderful world of Web Development.

Maybe that’s what WWW stands for… oh wait no it’s World Wide Web! It’s been fun getting back into HTML, it is reminding me of when I was a kid and used to have fun building websites with it. It wasn’t until now though that I made the connection between that and the amazing innovations that are happening in the tech industry. Living in the nucleus of it all, San Francisco, and being in my late 20’s, it seems like a perfect time to start learning if I want to do this as a career.

So far, I’ve begun to learn HTML, CSS, and some very basic Javascript. I have checked out two books on HTML and CSS, and also went to two introductory courses, one on HTML and one on Javascript at Galvanize, a coding school in San Francisco. I am also completing the FreeCodeCamp online Front-End Development certificate, and am on the Javascript portion right now. I am so excited to learn these new skills! Right now I am at the library in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco, on 22nd and Taraval. I am on a break in between my classes, my day job is a music and yoga teacher for a company in the bay area called Jamaroo Kids.

Today I spent an hour roughly from 2-3 PM on FCC learning Javascript. The things I learned today were:

some basic arithmetic functions, how to add, subtract, divide, and multiply by one to a variable which is called augmented How to use decimals in Javascript, they are referred to as floats or floating points. Lastly I learned how to use escape sequences in strings. It was at that point that I decided that my head is starting to hurt and I might walk around for a bit, maybe get some banh mi before my next class. Adios!

Written on October 26, 2016