Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

There is an epic storm brewing here in the bay area.

Flood warnings are being issued and there has been a lot of wind too. Two branches from very large trees fell close to my house today, thankfully nothing was harmed. It is a lazy sunday day, I am hanging out with my girlfriend, we are both just doing work.

I feel like I am starting to make some progress in the huge ocean of Javascript. Dots are being connected. I am really making breakthroughs with Gordon Zhu’s course, Practical Javascript. To see how you can use the DOM to access elements from the document and use them with your Javascript has been really incredible. We are building a todo app and it is so much fun, near completion, the next step is to leave the console and get information onto the webpage.

I am working on beginner algorithms on FCC. It is very difficult and I have to look things up a lot. I think that I am still at the stage where the reinforcmeent is really helping me. I can’t wait to get to the point where I can make my own apps, I have lots of ideas brewing!

Since it is a cold and rainy day, I’m making one of my favorite comfort meals tonight, Udon soup! Nom nom nom nom nom…

Written on January 8, 2017