Making Progress

I have been making steady progress on Freecodecamp.

I have completed the basic Javascript section and am moving onto Object Orientated Programming. There have been several times when I have been completely stumped on how to solve a challenge, and have had to look online for guidance. This has indicated to me that I need to go back and review some more before I move forward.

So I am now working on a course on Khan Academy called Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation. After that I plan to also complete their Intro to HTML and CSS course. Review is good.

Some of the things I’ve been getting stuck on and really want to review before I move on are:

For loops If statements Using a for loop to go through an array Today it is very foggy and raining a little bit in our techie haven of San Francisco. I have a long break during my day job teaching kids music, so I went and got some pho, and am now sitting down at a coffee shop to study. Bon voyage!

Written on November 15, 2016